Alexis Levine’s culture-obsessed artistic ability polishes her superior skill, making her notable to many throughout the advertising agency as a visionary conduit in next-generation marketing.

    Alexis Levine was a primary adapter of festival culture, attending the first summit series gatherings in Miami, D.C. at sea, and in Tahoe. She spent time demonstrating her creative brilliance on the advisory board of Social Media Week, as well as on the board of Dreams for Kids, a non-profit organization. After spending years in the inner-circle of large advertising companies such as Clear Channel and CBS Radio, Alexis decided to jump ship into the entrepreneurial world. As an asset to the young entrepreneurship council, she represented the United States at the G-20Y Summit in Paris, France. Alexis is a niche specialist in the areas of shifting consumer perception and engaging the “influencer” generation, having been published in Forbes, Business Journal and numerous syndicated columns in the Huffington Post.

     Her experience is just one of the tasteful ingredients Alexis used to construct Savvy Media  - an independent resource for unrivaled and revolutionary marketing strategies. She founded her agency with the mantra “spend less smarter,” directing Savvy Media to be cost-effective, while still exploiting the newest tools in emerging technology. Her visionary finesse shines in each aspect of Savvy Media’s creative brand integration that utilizes inspired approaches to align brands with influential tastemakers and consumers in the worlds of art, music, fashion, new technology, and cultural events. As a highly-acclaimed agency of collective intelligence, Savvy Media, with the leadership of Alexis Levine, creates a dream-team of specialty talent, rooted in the idea that brand identity and current consumer consciousness must be aligned in principle to obtain better customer acquisition, consumer loyalty and trust, brand identity and recognition, and long term ROI.


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An excerpt from an interview conducted by 30/Below at SXSW 2015 in Austin, TX.:

30/Below: Who are you? What do you do?

Alex Levine: My name is Alexis Levine, and I am motivated by creation and being creative. I run a company called Savvy Media. We specifically work on creating branded experiences at festivals and luxury events. CMO’s will come to me and say "we want to give experiences that will make attendees change their profile picture." I live for that.

30/Below: How do you target the right people in the right moment?

Alexis: A lot of how you get paid in creative is by trade because you’re trying something new. If you really look into to each of these brand integrations, it’s pretty unbelievable when you pay attention to the detail that goes into it. Look at Warby Parker, for example. They’re game changers. The personalization they put into things makes it feel like they’re your friends. The authenticity they have is a great example of innovation. The most innovative companies are making the most money, and they’re integrating and curating an experience. That’s gold. And when people think of me, I want them to smile because of the experience I’ve given them.

30/Below: What do you envision for your company in the future?

Alexis: I really want to keep creating, so if I can work with these brands and really help them get the biggest bang for their buck, then that’s a success because there’s nobody in the world that I can do what I do. There’s nobody who’s been to as many festivals as I’ve been to; nobody’s studied studied the culture like I have. I’m a creative; I live to create.

30/Below: Who do you look up to?

Alexis: I want to feel like Marc Cuban when he answers the question, “If you could come back as anyone else after you die, who would it be? And he says, “I would come back as myself.” I just want to feel that way. I look up to people to have goals for themselves.

30/Below: What’s the best advice you’d give an up and comer?

Alexis: First, make a list as to why you want to start your own business. It’s not as sexy as it seems. It’s really hard work. You don’t get to take a day off. If the company takes a hit, you take a hit. So get some really good advisors that you trust. Second, if you’re a creator and you can produce, try everything. Do it all.