“Alexis is a social media genius! Her expertise is hard to beat, and she shares it generously. Moreover, she is a great connector and sharp listener. If you plan to hire Alexis, rest assured, your business will have great visibility, and you’ll leave with tons of new contacts!”
— Andrey Gidaspov - Creative Fundraiser, American Councils for International Education

“Alexis personifies everything you want in a partner, advisor, or service provider. She’s a self-made rockstar who understands the new paradigm in advertising, marketing, PR and brand development/management. She’s offered me invaluable advice and ideas throughout the last 3 years. I highly recommend Alexis. She’s full of great ideas and she gets things done. In a society of starters, Alexis can develop an idea and actually finish/implement it.”

-Michael Tuteur, CEO at Eballot


"Alexis is one of those people who is not afraid of the unconventional. Too often people are afraid of trying new things or thinking outside of the box... I think that is the ONLY way she operates! If you are looking for unconventional approaches to get results and have a ton of fun in the process, no need to look further than THE Alexis Levine!"

- Justin Mayo, Executive Director at Red Rye Inc.

"I worked with Alexis on a very important event in LA for a musician I was managing at the time and she absolutely killed it! Not only did Alexis line up multiple food and liquor sponsors, she contributed with other ideas to help us connect with the audience. From the moment we started working together she was a force to be reckoned with. Alexis is dependable, easy to get a long with and knows how to get things done! I'd recommend anyone in the entertainment field to at least inquire about what Alexis can add to their equation for success."

- Justin Singer, MGMT for KSRA Music

“Working with Alexis over the years has only brought us success. I would highly recommend Alexis to anyone in my network. She is so creative yet still has the ability to get this done!”
— Jason Reuben, Vice President of Operations at The Lucky Group, Inc.

"I've worked with Alexis on several high profile events. She always brings well known complimentary brands together with a tastemaker crowd. She is the ultimate connector and has a natural ability to connect brands, celebrities, tastemakers, and events. I also love her app personally and always use it to navigate festivals and events!"

- MJ Barton, Owner of Electric Picks Rock Jewelry

"If you are looking for the best marketing professional n the industry, you have found her in Alexis Levine @ Savvy Media. I worked with Alexis to help us grow our brand and her out of the box creative not only got us the brand awareness we were looking for, but also helped us close business.  The phones rang more, the website received more quality visitors, and in the  end it was a win/win for everyone."

- Ted Hallas, Cloud Solutions Professional

“Alexis creates campaigns for her clients that get noticed. If you want to give your advertising and marketing a kick in the a**, give Alexis a call.”
— Glen Stagg - Radio Advertising Expert, Westwood One

"An easy way to describe Alexis and Savvy Media would be for me to fall back on overused marketing cliches along the fine lines of "ahead of the curve," or "cutting edge." Or I could write that Alexis is an "outside the box" marketing pro. The problem with cliches is that, albeit truthful, they end up coming off as "blah, blah, and blah." Let me assure you Alexis and her maarketing ideas are 180 degrees from blah!! She creates campaigns for her clients that will get noticed. If you want to give your advertising and marketing a kick in the a**, give Alexis a call."

- Glen Stagg, Comerical Radio Advertising Expert

“Integrating with Savvy City is a great way to get your brand in front of influencers, whether it be at Sundance or SXSW!”
— Patrick Jammet - Former Marketing Director, Honest Tea/Honest Cities Campaign

"Alexis is one of the rare few who makes helping others succeed her top priority, allowing her needs to come secondary. Her approach made me feel incredibly comfortable and, in a way, proud to be one of her clients."

-David Heath - Founder, Bombas Socks

"Alexis is the ultimate connector and has the natural ability to connect brands, celebrities, tastemakers, and events. I make sure my brand is always integrated with those Alexis brings together with Savvy City."

-MJ Barton - Owner, Electric Picks Rock Jewelry


"Alexis is exceedingly intelligent, talented, innovative and completely tireless. She maintains incredible relationships and her strategies are cutting edge and accessible-- to the clients, and more importantly to the audience."

-Anh Tran - Senior Accountant Manager/Audience Accelerator, Rocket Fuel Inc.

“Savvy Media is the brand to watch, #SocialDistruption for real!”
— Karla Ballard, Senior VP, Ogilvy & Mathers